how we got started

Cold Brew while getting ready in a pinch.

Meet Emily, aka Sweetz

the owner and creator of the first and only Cold Brew Coffee shop in the state of Arizona. Emily was a mostly stay at home mom to 9 kids, and flipping houses for work when time allowed. Having a very busy life as a mom and business owner, she found a creative outlet in COLD BREW COFFEE after her husband was told by his Dr. that he could no longer drink coffee due to his severe acid reflux . After the discovery of the smooth elixir, she soon realized not only the benefit of having 67% less acid, higher caffeine and antioxidants but more than just that; it was AMAZINGLY smooth!

After testing her newly discovered liquid gold on her friends and family, she decided that she would take a chance and open the first COLD BREW COFFEE shop in the state, realizing that a new concept would have its challenges but it never stopped her. Sweetz started selling her Cold Brew Coffee out of her kitchen after her husband turned their garage into a certified kitchen for brewing massive amounts of cold brew. It really was just like any other coffee shop, except for the fact that their family was also sharing their home too. She had specific hours each week and opened her home to anyone wanting to try out this liquid magic. After a year and a half Sweetz and her husband took the next step and signed a lease not too far from their home and opened the doors for business in January 2017, just North of downtown Gilbert. 

Sweetz Brew is a very literal "home grown" business, from the signature flavors created to the "at home" feel she took in decorating the shop. Sweetz has made sure that each employee not only understands the vision but also believes in the good vibes and passion that have gone into creating this local gem.

She has a love for family, AMAZING coffee, great conversation , community and of course furry creatures of any kind.

Or Process


Our Magical Beans

Really our beans are the most important ingredient in our brew. Why? Because they were hand picked by us after telling our LOCAL roaster what we wanted in the flavor profile. We new we wanted our brew to taste the way coffee smells when walking down the coffee isle at the grocery store. Chocloatey, Nutty and a little Smokey! After more than a few samples and testers we new these beans were  a Sweetz match made in heaven.


How the magic happens

We brew in small batches of 160 gallons at a time, to ensure the quality and attention is given to our process.

We first take our Magical Beans, grind them to a very specific grind, and add them to cool clean filtered water. Then we wait. We wait until the brew looks and smells right before our extensive filtering process begins. We filter until there is no oil and no residue.


The Final Product

Because we take such pride and care in our process, from brewing to making sure our Cold Brew is filtered properly, we are able to give you a clean and crisp Cold Brew that is filled with happiness and love. We will never settle in the quality or our high standards of our brew. Each batch is sure to be the same  delicious  brew that is filed with bold coffee flavors and of course a lot of caffeine, 190mg per 8oz to be exact.